Private Lessons

Individual Private Lessons

Want to take your tango to the next level? Engage in our private lessons to improve your personal experience

Designed for students of all levels seeking highly personalised tuition and guidance in a comfortable environment. Private lessons allow our instructors to fine tune your movements in a specialised individual class. Perfect for those who want to refine their dance, fast track learning, gain confidence, engage in intensive training or work outside of a group. Lessons are available with one or both instructors in our home studio in Randwick.

Group Private Lessons

Organise a group of friends to learn Tango together

These private lessons are designed for those who want to tailor a class, learn alongside a group of their choosing, or share in a personalised lesson where the instructors can give more individual attention than an open group class. We also offer group private lessons for experienced dancers who want to work deeply in a topic of their choosing. Advance your Tango together!


"My very first time watching Pedro dance I realised what a good Tango dancer looked like. Hosanna has a keen sense of observation and can pin point exactly what one needs to adjust to improve their Tango. Together they make a great team. Their classes focus on experiential learning, run at a good pace and are infused with a dash of Pedro's deadpan humour to keep things light and fun."